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Book Review - "Finding Juliet" by Toffee


"Finding Juliet" is a realistic fiction that identifies with the lives of youngsters in modern times. The genre of the book is a mix of romance and erotica. The story looks inspired by the no strings attached kind of relationships that doesn't carry any emotional baggage and is merely a series of sex encounters.

Main Characters

Arjun is an incredibly nice guy and believes in true love. However after three heartbreaking encounters he starts to lose faith in love and considers himself the biggest loser.

Krish, a flamboyant in nature and a rockstar enters Arjun's life as a saviour and gradually becomes his only well wisher, a guiding source and eventually a best friend.

Anjali is another very important character in the story who is Arjun's childhood friend and always stands by him no matter what.


Finding Juliet is a story of a simple boy Arjun who lives in Hyderabad. Like any other guy he enjoys the attention from girls but wasn't an expert when it came to winning their hearts. He befriends girls, and just when he thinks everything is going great in his life and he has found the true love... his heart breaks and he goes through the misery of being left alone, sad and broken.

Soon after, another tragedy hits him hard and he is left with no choice but to leave the city and his past behind to try his luck in Bangalore.

Krish, a good looking flirtatious kinda guy meets Arjun at work and understands his plight. Krish is no less than a love guru and understands what women want! The questions that's been haunting Arjun all this while regarding his break ups gets answered and Arjun's outlook towards women and relationships changes. He transforms from a geek to a handsome hunk in town with a changed personality and boosting confidence.

The new lifestyle, attention and fame gives him a big high and he is all set to rock the world of his romance and fulfill his desires with a new outlook.

Life was treating Arjun well! just the way he wanted..... right then a hard-hitting reality smack him in the face and life takes a 360 degree turn.... making him feel like a scumbag once again..What happens next is a mystery?

Does he Jeopardise his life for lust or gets lucky to find his true love ?


I must admit "Don't judge the book by its cover" doesn't hold true for "Finding Juliet" . The book has a nice colourful and catchy cover that sends a happy and positive vibe about the story. In fact I decided to read it at the very first instant I saw the cover.

The story line is good and pretty much justifies the characters that comes along as it progresses. Author writes through a perspective of young and vulnerable who gets in the journey of love and lust at a age when love is difficult to find and lust is purely enticing, however he ends the book with a message for youngsters to realise the secret to happiness lies in fulfilling the soul not ego.

The narration of the scenes and the pace of the story is good to keep the readers engaged.... However I felt the author goes a little over board with the sex escapades and the repetitive description of girls in stereotypical manner got me bored after a while.

Finding Juliet is an entertaining book for young readers looking for romance. For someone like me who likes romance with substance, the book didn't really had much to offer. I failed to connect with the characters personally. The authors pre conceived notions of girls and and few statements like  " women, if dealt with deftly can be your greatest source of pleasure" were a put off. The writing style is simple and will make for a good read for youngsters looking for a mix of soft romance, friendship and lust that is very much relatable at their age.

Quotes & One liners from the book

* Problems in your life are like the weights in the gym. You can either get weighed down by them or turn them to your advantage and become stronger.

* I am fine is the most popular lie ever told.

* Of all the lies she told me, "I love you was the sweetest".

About an Author 

Toffee a.k.a. Taufeeq Ahmed is another Engineer turned Author whose debut book was "An Idiot, Placement IntervYou". He loves narrating interesting stories with subtle insights. Currently he is pursuing his Masters in Business Analytics from the University of South Florida. His passion for writing lies in heart warming stories that touches people's lives. "Finding Juliet" is his second book written especially for India's Y generation and is published by Srishti Publishers.

' I received a copy from Writersmelon  in exchange for an honest and unbiased review '

My review of the book Finding Juliet can also be read at Goodreads and Amazon

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Wake up to Global water crisis - A precious resource is at risk

We might have conquered the world when it comes to technology but we are surely failures when it comes to humanity..

The number of lives that we have lost in the last few months due to scarcity of water, the basic need of a human life can't be justified whatsoever .. It's devastating to read farmers and villagers dying of thirst but not some incurable disease .. I don't think it can ever become worst than this.

It's been centuries mankind has come into existence and surprisingly we have come a long way with our science and knowledge. World has developed nuclear weapons, found cures to diseases like cancers but when it comes to fulfilling the very basic need of a human life, We are speechless and tongue tied.

Isn't it hypocracy to celebrate 66yrs of independence when most parts of the nation are struggling for a drop of water. Farmers are suiciding because our government has failed to provide them with the right of drinking water for their basic needs. How ridiculous and shameful can it get beyond this.

The times have gone when we prayed to God of Rain and completely depended on nature for our basic needs. We have ways to preserve our natural resources and produce water through artificial rain .. However the power hungry haven't learnt their lessons when it comes to saving it at the time of crisis.

There are countries who yearn for water all year long and struggle to survive. The years of living for people in dry lands is not dependent on anything else but how long their need of water is satisfied. They don't strive to stay healthy .. They strive to get enough water to survive. They don't have a choice of a bisleri or a better brand of filtered water.. They try and filter a few drops of water from a mud ...

It's time we see eye to eye with the gloomy dark side of the world we live in and accept the responsibility for  what it is . Our blue planet is no more able to suffice the needs of people.. Thanks to globalization. 

If we go by the stats by 2025 more than 1 billion people will be without water.

Today, nearly 1 billion people  in the developing world don't have an access to clean, safe drinking water.

By 2025, there will be 1 billion more mouths to feed .. Are we ready for it yet ?

It's unfortunate that water is considered an infinitely available resource and is wasted more than its used.

It's sad to see people at different lands have completely different needs and dreams. We have scientists trying to reach out to the moon and the Mars in search of life and water... Wish they cared a little of those lives who die  everyday in search of few drops to satisfy their thirst and live a few more nights.

Wish science had an answer to these poor people's needs of survival. We have been successful in fulfilling our big dreams of launching rockets to the moon and beyond .. But has anyone looked closely in the eyes of these poor whose dreams are nothing but to get  a handful of water without a struggle.

What is the basis of human success? It's totally unacceptable to see humans need to survive has become more than a struggle while there are few living lavishly under the rich and famous.

Let's face the facts -

We talk of peace, economy, education and rights .. The question is whose gonna give some unfortunate the right to survive .. ?

The power, the money, the intelligence and above all the humanity has lost its true meaning if it fails to fulfill the basic needs of humans.

It's a big slap on the rich, famous and the most educated lot if they could do nothing out of all their abilities and grades. It's a curse to be born as humans if one can't live to get his hunger and thirst satisfied.

The nations who have rich resources of water must mourn that they did nothing to help the ones in need in dry lands and are dying every day in the hope of a miracle to happen one fine day ..

These questions and poor souls will always haunt the mankind in existence .. 

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Unlock the imagination with #ColgateMagicalStories

When it comes to keeping our kids engaged, we oflten fall short of ideas. TV and gadgets are the easy way outs to keep them quite and busy for long and we often give in to their demands until we have something really interesting to keep their attention away from digital entertainment. These days when kids seem to lose touch with creativity, brands have gone wiser and they aren't designing products for brands but for people interacting with them. 

Like Scott Bedburry said, "A brand is a story that is always being told" stands so true for Colgate, check it out for yourself through this video -

Few days back when I received this colgate pack of three from BlogAdda for an activity called #ColgateMagicalStories I found the concept interesting and surely engaging for kids. Children usually find such stuff intriguing as it offers some kind of surprise along with the product. My little one was thrilled at the sight of the pack and started to unveil the pack curiously. No not because he is fond of brushing but because every pack came up with some kind of adventurous space characters that needed to be told in a form of a story. No doubts children are best at telling stories and using their imaginations in the most unique fashion.

As he opened the packs one after the other, I could see the excitement! His imaginations had already begun to explore the space adventure with Astronauts,UFO, Aliens, Spacecraft and much more.

He immidiately related this space adventure to his favourite TV show "Miles From Tomorrowland" that he catches on Disney Junior. Soon he began to collect all the pieces and started to weave his magical story. Here is goes ....

There were these two friends named 'Juno' and 'Mike' who were astronauts. One evening while Juno was returning home from Mike's house, a sudden noise and lightening💥in the sky caught his attention and he soon realised it was a spaceship. Without wasting any time he turned back and quickly got back to Mike's house and shared a cause of his worry. With in minutes they realised that this is an aliens 👽 spaceship and they are definitely here for a mission. They quickly informed the Spacecenter about this suspicious spaceship 🚀 and put everyone on Alert 🚨.

Within an hour they started to leave for the spacecenter to prepare themselves against any unforeseen incident that could cause damage to them and people around. But by now the spaceship was taking a turn to go back to the space. This appeared as though aliens 👽 have something on their mind and they only wanted to test the waters from far before they could do any damage to people on earth.

Since Juno and Mike were all determined to leave no stones unturned. They called for an urgent meeting with their fellow astronauts and began to plan an urgent travel to space 🚀 tonight and figure out the suspicious 😒 activity by aliens.

It was 8'O clock in the evening. Juno and Mike were all set to leave, dressed in their space suits. They soon launched a space shuttle🚀that could spy on any menacing activity in the space and signal the spacestation about it. While Juno left seperatly in his spacecraft. Mike accompanied another colleague of his named Shelby in the space-shuttle. As they were nearing the space they saw a bright flash⚡️and a huge smoke🌪erupt at a distance from them, it was nothing else but a meteor that could have caused huge devastation to their space-craft. They soon began to move in a different direction trying to escape from the effects of the meteor. However a huge piece strikes the window pan of the spacecraft like a bullet causing fear and discomfort. Juno immidiately pulls the window shield up to escape an further damage to the craft 🚀as well as him.

Mike took a different trajectory and was nearing landing on space 🚀 keeping his cameras 🎥 monitoring from all directions. After they had a safe landing they were just relaxed and started to chat  
among themselves.

It was almost midnight and they began to feel tired and drowsy. Mike was fast asleep 😴 when Shelby woke up with a sudden noise on her screen 📺. She looked around and felt some movement around their spaceship. She went closer to the computer screen trying to look through the cameras and caught a sight of a creature that was moving towards them. She quickly alarmed Mike and coordinated with Juno to inform him of the strange movement. They watched for a while and then they began to shoot as they saw it nearing the spaceship. They were weaponed too. Within no time there appeared a large no. of those creatures and all of them firing towards the spaceship. Juno was in constant touch with the situation and he arrived from behind and started to attack them too.

They successfully destroyed them all but it wasn't over yet. They were sure these aliens 👽 are hiding somewhere in the space and they need to be dealt with. While they were still trying to gauge their exact location, they saw a small spaceship going away far in the space 🚀 they began to move in that direction and soon they were very close to them. They tried to initiate a conversation with them but Aliens straightaway refused and said "Humans are our biggest enimies on Earth  🌏 " Only if we destroy them we will be able to have peace in space 🌕

Shelby was listening to all the tension that was brewing up among Aliens 👽  and them. She barged in and said human beings 👱🏼would do no harm to you if you help us find an other planet that has life on it. We assure you if you help us in our mission, we will be committed to keep our promise of not doing any harm and in fact we can both have life together on the new planet. We can all stay happily. You can help us make the new planet even better than earth 🌏with your powers and our knowledge.

Something clicked to one of the heads in their group, who overheard the idea. He ordered all the Aliens 👽to step back and agreed to help.

The whole team of aliens were taken a back with their masters decision but they had no choice but to abide by his words. Shelby, Mike and Juno were more than happy to see their mission of years coming true with the help of Aliens.

They began to travel as one team this time and after a travel of hundreds of miles they landed on a planet that was similar to earth and had small patches of water 💦 and sunlight ☀️on it. They jumped with joy. Juno quickly took out the flag 🇮🇳  from his spacecraft and ran towards a huge rock to hoist the flag ⛳️ expressing the achievement and completion of their mission. Aliens looked surprised to see a piece of clothing hanging in air but didn't take long to realise its a celebration 🎉 of their win together.

My child 👶 had a great time using his creativity and imagination that brought his fantasies of adventurous world alive for few hours. Its a great way to unlock the imagination of your child while  ensuring bright and healthy teeth for their beautiful smiles.

* I am blogging my #ColgateMagicalStories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.

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Book Review - 'A Walk In The Rain' by Udai Yadla

Love is elixir that keeps you alive. Love is poison that kills you. Unreciprocated love keeps you alive but kills everyday.

A tale of love and redemption "A walk in the rain" takes its readers through a journey of romance and action packed thriller which is no less than a film experience. Though the title and the book cover gives a very pleasant and romantic feel, it would actually surprise you as the story unfolds.

Surya alias 'Sunny' was a lonely, timid boy who lives a reclusive life. Fear of rejection and low self esteem restricted him to solitude. His world of imagination and memories from past was the only doorway to his happiness where he seek peace and pleasure.

On the other hand Sandhya alias 'Sandy' is a bubbly girl, full of life who befriends Sunny but leaves him unannounced.

Saloni is bold and an intelligent girl. Circumstances force her into the trade of flesh but she still tries to hold on to her values, dignity and self respect regardless of her profession of prostitution.

Sunny was a loner due to his deserted childhood. Sandy came as a ray of sunshine in his life but soon he was left heartbroken as she leaves unannounced. Sunny's 14 yr old heart had endured lot of grief, but the departure of Sandy was unbearable for him and the shock pulled him back to emotional hibernation.

While Sunny was still trying to come to terms with the depart of the only person he ever loved. Imran, his friend makes a surprise visit on his birthday and promises to change his life for good but least did he know that his spoken words "tonight's going to be the life changing night for you" will soon turn into an ugly reality. Imran gets killed that night and vengeance becomes the only mission of Sunny' life. Misogynist Sunny hated even the sight of the prostitute Saloni who he thought was the reason for his bad fate but she agrees to help him in exchange of money.

This sets the two on the journey of life and death. Will they survive or perish in the pursuit of vengeance? Both are bound to a common goal with different motives, but destiny has its own motive.

A walk in the rain is an intricate tale of intense emotions which keeps you guessing with each twist and turn. I felt the elaborate narration of the action sequences and characters involved bored me a bit.
The book makes a good read for young readers who enjoy reading relationship drama, romantic adventures or action thrillers.

Being a debut author Udai Yadla has done a great work with his simple way of writing. He keeps the  story moving with engaging characters and beautifully brings out the intense emotions of love, pain and hatred. My reading experience would have been more enjoyable if the story didn't move back and forth (in past and future) every now and than as I felt it interrupted the flow a few times leaving me confused as a reader.

My overall experience of reading and reviewing 'A walk in the rain' was good and I am glad I chose a book by a debut author for my debut book review from watermelon.

Quotes from the book

"People may not be strong enough to resist the fate, but it is the test of character to retain the quintessential purity of soul. Don't be hasty to judge people with their appearance, profession, association or for that matter any incidents that convict them.... For, first look can be deceiving"

"Separation is the most painful test to measure the sustainability of love"

I found the above quotes very inspiring and meaningful as it very much relates to our real life situations.

About the Author

Udai Yadla is a writer by Passion, Mechanical engineer by education and Software engineer by Proffession. He has been associated with TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) for over 10 years and has been nominated for Forbes India Celebrity 100 list for year 2015. "A Walk in the Rain is his debut fiction novel published by Kyron publications.

' I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review '

My review of 'A walk in the rain' can also be read at- Goodreads and Amazon

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Its time to paint your homes with #BergerXP

People put in whole lot of time, money and energy to buy their dream homes, But when it comes to repainting the house the whole idea of time consumption and the mess during the process puts them off.

With changing mindsets and lifestyles, people want everything instant and hassle free. Painting a house should not get into a way of life.

Gone are the days when people painted their houses once in 5 years or even longer and that too just a touch up from the exteriors would suffice the need during Diwali.

I still remember how every Diwali my parents would barely touch up on the outside walls to give it a clean look but postpone the idea of doing the entire house to the following year... of course trying to avoid all the hassle that comes along with the dirty job of painting a house.

Painting the walls can go a long way in breaking the monotony of look and feel of the house other than adding longevity to the house. But is it all worth the time and money with the house looking like a site for almost until it's completely done?

Couple of days back I attended an event by Indiblogger where I got introduced to Berger Express Painting system. It's a revolutionary concept of painting homes with the help of automatic machines changed the way I looked at painting. Mr. Chandranath Banerjee, from Berger Paint India,  said " Express Painting gives faster, cleaner and better results as compared to the traditional manual process of painting". According to him people invest lakhs and crores of money to buy their dream homes and it doesn't take more than a percent of that money to get the house repainted, which isn't much on the budget however whole concept of dust, stains, mess leaves the residents with no choice but to avoid it.

With a service like Berger Express Painting one can sit back and relax while the professionally trained painters and high speed tools does the job of painting the entire house in almost half the time in a dust free manner while taking care of the household stuff, furnitures and everything else ensuring nothing gets stained, dusty or dirty thus ensuring comfort and convinnience to the customer.

Now a days when it comes to painting, people don't go the traditional way and pick the most basic colors for the walls. They like to experiment with colors and give a nice bright appeal to the house that reflects their personality and matches the decor of the room. The concept of painting is no longer just a cleaning regime it's about who you are and with the help of Berger Paints one can have a naturally beautiful homes.

As always IndiBlogger's meets have something nice and unique to offer its bloggers. Loads of fun madness and interaction is what keeps the spirits high and this #BergerXP meet was no exception to  it.

The stage was all set with the #BergerXP backdrop, standies all across the hall at Vivanta by Taj, one of the renowned hotels of South Mumbai. BergerXP tools were put on display other than the few sites that were set to highlight the endorsed brand by Indiblogger.

While people were still walking in, it was a great time to connect with others at the venue while capturing some moments for the later use. We chatted along and relished the yum food which had some good dishes to offer even to a vegetarian like me.

We began with some fun time that is rest assured by Anup and Karthik the soul of Indiblogger team who likes to keep the energy up and high with his innovative ways of games, play and rewards.

We were soon introduced to Mr. Chandranath who took us through an interesting presentation and brought about some great facts of how the company came into existence and within no time made a mark in the industry by reaching among the top ten painting companies in India. According to him it took almost a research of three years before they launched this idea of express painting that serves the purpose of faster, cleaner and better.

During their research, they came to an understanding that people fear the mess and time consumtion that goes into painting. In today's fast paced life when time is the biggest constraint people needed a solution that's quick and hasslefree. BergerXP works on this mantra Faster, Cleaner and better that says it all.

Their idea is very well conveyed through this TVC that's launched recently. Take a look...

Innovation and Consumer Focus are the keywords when it comes to delivering qualityproof service to its customers. Their services are designed keeping the focus on consumer's needs and being innovative in their products and services to be able to provide the best.

They have their services available in all metros as well in other cities all across India.
Their services can be availed either through messaging - SMS 'XP' to 56767 or by dialling te Toll Free Number - 1800 103 6030

We took a glance at the tools and explored the various features that gets the work done faster, cleaner and better. Do watch the video below for detailed understanding of the tools.

With tools designed to specifically make the process of painting faster and hassle-free, Berger XP ensures painting is now an enjoyable experience! Here are the key features that makes express painting worth the time and money.

* It's 40 percent faster than the traditional painting saves on lot of time for the consumer.
* Professionally Trained Painters do the job morec efficiently and give better painting results.
* With their No -Mess tools on can be rest assured of cleaner and sparkling experience.
* Cutting-edge vacuum suction-enabled sanding machines keep the house dust-free and avoiding allergies to pets and kids.
* Better coverage and smoothness guaranteed each time!
* Their certified tools ensure a better finish with high efficiency!

All the above benefits and more at no additional cost.

We had a hands on experience of sanding and painting through the activities that were organised keeping in mind the relevance to brand #BergerXP.

We actually realised how much of dust and allergy sanding can cause in a span of few seconds. We were also made to experiment with the colors of BergerXP which was easy to pour and mix in order to get the desired shade. The paint had no odour as its usually felt while using regular paints.

We made the most of these colors and our imagination and came out with nothing less than a masterpiece. Take a look at these paintings that speaks volumes about our experience with

There was a Q n A session Followed by the presentation that helped us understand the brand well and Mr. Chandranath's honest approach towards our questions cleared our doubts and gave us a great insight into world of painting.

It was a colourful event with a mix of  fun, masti, madness and lots of 🎨 I walked back home with an awesome thought "Whether its repainting an entire house, or just touching up the corner wall, painting is an important part of home and ownership"

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

'SEREIN - Malabar Hills of Thane' Pride in Address

Mumbai, the city of dreams has so much to offer but when it comes to having an enough space for a family to reside .. There is hardly any choice in the city. Ppl these days are preferring areas away from the noise n pollution that can offer peace and greenery.

When it comes to purchasing homes... Customers primarily look for criterias like Connectivity, infrastructure and environment.

Thane is one of the destinations that has emerged as a great choice of preference for residential needs. It not only offers great socio physical infrastructure but substantial residential options fulfilling a great lifestyle needs.

One of the prime locations Pokhran Road has become the new center of activity in Thane. Newly built high-rises along with mini- townships has everything to offer from Malls, shopping complexes, Lifestyle stores and much more that has made Pokhran road the most happening paces to live in.

Famous as the Malabar Hills of Thane, Pokhran Road has all the amenities that one could think of in and around their dream house. The serene beauty of this place is felt all the more because of its proximity to Yeoor hills and Upvan Lake. The lush green environment brings one closer to the nature and provides fresh air to breathe.

Pokhran Road, is well connected to several big corporate offices in the vicinity making it convenient for the office goers. It's connectivity with the city, Borivali and Central suburbs makes life easier for people to commute and connect. There are bus services available from the townships and residential complexes. Located ten min away from the railway station Pokhran road is an ideal household destination for its residents.

One of the major projects And one of its kind "Serenin" will give you an experience of Malabar hills in Thane. Serein is a project by Tata housing is based on the wellness theme and is located at the Pokhran road no. 2 in Thane that is already blessed with upvan lake and Sanjay Gandhi national park in the close proximity making it serene as the name suggests. Serein offers a living amidst affluence and provides homes that make a legacy.

What makes 'Serein' one of its kind ?

Location  - Apart from its close proximity with the upvan lake and Sanjay Gandhi national park, Serein is located amidst abundance space away from the city's hustle and bustle. Surrounded by lush green hills it offers natural environment and several breath taking views that makes the site an attractive destination for people who love to stay close to nature. Apart from a natural habitat a well developed  social infrastructure offers several parks, businesses, malls, shopping centres, schools
collages and medical services all within the vicinity ensuring safety and security to the residents.

Connectivity -Serein's prime location is well connected within Thane and Mumbai through buses, roadways and railways. The Eastern express highway, Godbunder road and Thane Belapur road provides enough choice to travellers to connect with areas near and around Mumbai. TMT and other bus services, Auto Rickshaws are easily available and are run by the townships and residential complexes.

Wellness at Serein - The project 'Serein' is based on the wellness theme ensuring every household's well being through its mega project that is designed to sustain healthy living be it indoors or outdoors. Wellness begins from the outside and so "Wellness on ground" ensures there is enough outside space, greenery, parks available for sports and outdoor activities. Pet park, nature trail, outdoor dining, skating area and organic farm are few of the outdoor amenities offering wellness on ground.

Tata housing has paid attention to every detail at Serein to make the experience of residents equally well and healthy even inside homes and therefore wellness inside the house. The unique features that have been incorporated at Serein will enhance your senses everyday. Natural ventilation to maintain indoor air quality, Rain water harvesting system, waste water treatment plant, centralised waste management system are some of the efficient ways that has been designed to offer best living experience at Serein.

It won't be wrong to say the "Serein Malabar hills of Thane" will soon have its own charm and pride in address with great future prospects making it the best planned neighborhood in Thane.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Turn up the excitement at Big Bazaar's Kids Carnival this new year !

With an ongoing holiday season and the debut of 2017... there is ample of cheer, laughter, positivity, fun and hope in the air with everyone looking forward to a new beginning and a year full of hopes and surprises...

While we look ahead to the new beginning there has been some great moments of joy and excitement in the past year that can't be left unshared.

Holidays are the perfect time to create moments with the family and loved ones. With Christmas began all the fun and what better time for kids to wish for their greatest possession and see them getting fulfilled through Santa. Decorating trees with Christmas decorations, wearing santa caps and writing letters to Santa are some amazing ways for kids to get involved in the festival. The glittering site of beautifully decorated streets, malls, houses with the Christmas theme is just impossible to resist.

I so look forward to taking my child to various places where he can enjoy the festivity of Christmas and keep up with his excitement ...

This time, I got lucky as an invitation led me to Big Bazaar’s Kiddie Club that kicked off the Kids Carnival 2016 with a lot of zest and excitement across all its stores in the country starting December 10, 2016, until January 8, 2017

Yes! the year 2016 is gone by but the kids carnival is still on with all the fun and entertainment. 

The kids carnival is an exciting affair with loads of enthusiasm, thrill and fun filled activities for kids that ensures great playtime and learning at the Big Bazaar stores apart from offering a huge range of kids toys, kids fashion clothing spread over the large section of the store. All this and more during this festive time makes Big Bazaar's Kiddie Club an ideal place for kids that keeps them fully engaged while the mothers can easily shop around for different stuff 
available at very discounted prices.

The whole concept behind the Kiddie club is designed for our little children aged between 3-12 to make the most of it by showcasing their hidden talents and pursue their hobbies through various activities conducted at stores.

Going shopping would never feel boring as it sounds to kids. I know how difficult it gets when mothers want to go shopping and kids turn up that bore face which is a straight no for them. 

With an awesome idea like a kiddie club can turn shopping into a fun time for kids and offer them a fabulous quality time while one has a choice to indulge in shopping and exploring the new stuff at the store. 

I had a fabulous time along with my son who indulged in various games and got a chance to play with some of the newly introduced toys that he aspires to add to his collection. To be able to pick and play with what ever they desired from a huge range of toys was truly exciting and fun for kids.

Here are some fun moments we had with kids and moms at the #BBKiddieClub

One of the key highlights of the kiddie club carnival is the "ChotaBheem" competition where children can win a chance of getting featured in Chotabheem TVC. Nothing can be as exciting for kids to be able to meet their favourite heroes and get featured with them is like a cherry on the cake.

Bigbazaar kiddie club also introduces a kiddie club card for its little shoppers that accumulates points as they shop and that can be used to participate in various activities..

Future Group is credited with creating some of the most popular retail chains in India and Big Bazaar is ranked amongst the top 3 service brands in the country. Big Bazaar has so much to offer at great discounted rates without compromising on the quality of the product. It delights its customers by adapting innovating ways keeping in mind the changing lifestyle and introducing services and products as customer desires.

Inspite of new retail stores opening every other day, Big Bazaar is still the most preferred and trusted  store for family needs.

With the huge range of products it gives enough choice to pick from and with the addition of the latest stuff every now and then makes it a choice worth the money.

Time spent at Kiddie Club was very fulfilling for mums as well as kids as they had a great time learning, playing and engaging in some awesome stuff especially curated for kids enjoyment. The friendly and courteous staff  added to the fun quotient by being available to kids and ensured nothing comes in a way when it comes to kids playtime...

So parents if you haven't been there yet, it's time you head on for the carnival to give your child an experience that they will cherish this new year ... and you will get a whale of time for some fun shopping at store ...